It’s Summertime! Get a Hobby, You Bum

Enrich your mind and improve your life! Or just sit there. Your call.

Well, we’re halfway through the summer. Life’s normal rhythms have slowed down to a leisurely amble, and chances are you’ve got more time on your hands than you do during the rest of the year. Why not take up a hobby? Key & Peele have got plenty of ideas to get you started.


    Find a low-intensity activity that you can pick up and put down easily during the day. Build a ship in a bottle, or get started on a still life. Doing something creative might even open up a whole new side of you — one that’s way, way, way different from the one you present to the public.


    It’s a stretch to say that you can collect anything (you don’t want to be known as the guy with all the preserved fetal pigs), but you can collect non-creepy items that are meaningful to you. Trying to replicate Levi’s assortment of magical, otherworldly curiosities is a high bar, so don’t be afraid to start small, like with bottle caps or irregular seashells. You get the idea.


    There’s no greater joy than making a positive difference in the world. Even if you devote your free time to a niche (and, quite frankly, bizarre) goal like putting beards on kids, the important thing is that you’re helping. Good for you.


    It takes practice to be able to plan a chess match 12 moves in advance or ace a tennis serve, so you might as well start now. With each round, your mind will grow sharper and your skills will improve. Unless you’re playing Fronthand Backhand. Never play Fronthand Backhand.