White House Game Night with the Mooch

The Oval Office has never been this rowdy.

Anyone who keeps up with the news knows that the president has an extremely busy schedule. (Tweets don’t send themselves, you know.) So it’s important that he takes a few minutes every now and then to unwind with his friends. And there are no better pals to get wild with than his vice president, his chief strategist and his recently fired communications director.

Together, these guys make quite the group, as you can see from their lively game of charades. Can’t you feel the warmth?
How sweet! This president may be in charge of the world’s most powerful country, but at heart he’s just one of four buds having a good time when the grown-ups aren’t around.

It doesn’t matter how discouraging the latest headlines from the fake news media might be. When filtered through a party game played by four besties, those stories seem like harmless fun. And the moment the chief strategist gives a soliloquy on “albino pelican people,” the festivities get elevated to high art.

Even the president’s towering new chief of staff — whose feet are bigger than the Oval Office desk — can’t ruin the moment. Here’s to your friendship, guys. It’s the most beautiful one that the Oval Office has ever seen, and maybe the last.