Welcome to the Land of Fake Believe

It's a magical place that helps the president make sense of the world.

We all have special places that comfort us — places where we feel most at peace. For the president, that place is a fictional land populated by animal puppets. From the Forgotten Manatee to the Mainstream Media Owl, the president’s magical friends offer him new perspectives on current events. Best of all, there’s no pesky reality to get in the way.

See for yourself how much more pleasant the Land of Fake Believe is than the actual world:
What a wonderful place! Let’s start with the Forgotten Manatee, a lonely, frightened fellow who longs for a return to an America where his job wasn’t obsolete. The Forgotten Manatee is worried that the president no longer cares about him, but in the Land of Fake Believe, nothing could be further from the truth.

Then there’s Jeff Schmucker, the Mainstream Media Owl, who’s jonesing hard for a good news fix — something only the president can supply. Finally, the majestic Scapegoat can always be counted on to blame the president’s problems on someone else, like, uh…Maoists. Hey, why not? It’s the Land of Fake Believe!

The real world is a scary, complex place. So why not join the president in his delusion? The colors are bright, the animals are friendly, and we’re guessing there’s no danger of Congress setting up a subcommittee to investigate it.