The Case for Keeping Reno Around

The mayor of Reno, NV, defends her city, no matter what Jim says about it.

Here at Comedy Central, we have a long-standing love of Reno, NV. In fact, our series that was based there is one of the primary reasons people know the city exists.* Jim Jefferies, on the other hand, recently ragged on Reno so intensely that Mayor Hillary Schieve officially declared September 9, 2017, to be Anti-Jim Jefferies Day.–anti-jim-jefferies-day–decree
In light of his newfound infamy, Jim sat down with Schieve for a one-on-one chat to see if she could sell him on the Biggest Little City in the World. This is what she had to say about it.

Now, this is entirely subjective, and considering how Schieve brings it up (“You probably didn’t know that”), it doesn’t sound like many other people think this is true either. But, hey, have you been to Reno? Unless you have, you can’t say for sure what it looks like. It might just be the Biggest Little Paradise.


Having never visited them, Schieve can’t speak to the quality of these strip clubs, but she also doesn’t deny their existence. So that’s, you know, a potential draw for some people.

That’s pretty much it. We’re sure Reno has plenty more to offer visitors, but Jim and Mayor Schieve didn’t get to cover it. Go there yourself if you’re so curious, jeez.

Anyway, even if this interview didn’t change Jim’s mind and he continues to mock Reno, one thing’s for certain: Every September 9, Reno’s residents will remember the time they returned the favor.

*(We think.)