The President Meets His Newest Archenemy

What's this Brad Sherman guy's problem, anyway?

The president is a simple guy with simple desires. All he wants is to be showered with love at all times no matter what he does, says or represents. Is that really so much to ask?

Apparently it is, because Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) has not only refused to make the president feel like a special boy – he’s actually drafted up articles of impeachment! That’s the opposite of love!

Naturally, when the president got wind of this, he had no choice but to sit down with his new foe and maybe fire him.
OK, so it turns out that firing this Sherman fellow isn’t something the president can do. Even worse, it seems like no matter how nice the president is to Rep. Sherman, the congressman sticks to his principles and insists on this “obstruction of justice” stuff.

What kind of nerd is this guy?

Of course, the president did what any great president would do in a tough situation like this: try to win the guy over with a supercool nickname. Shermaaaaan? Bradster? Bradley Whitford? Anyone else would be happy to have one of these nicknames. But unfortunately, none of them worked on a congressman who people already call The Sherminator.

Yes, no matter how much he may scoff at the idea, Sherman is clearly some kind of mean, time-traveling robot. In other words, if he succeeds in impeaching the president, it would only be because of his unfair advantage and not because the president is a bad guy.