The President Is a Master of Tone

Just look at how somber he can be.

Whether he’s screaming at the TV or screaming at the vice president, the president is great at being presidential. But believe it or not, there are some people out there who doubt the president’s ability to do presidential things like “modulate his tone” or “care about other people.”

Well, on Thursday, he proved the losers and haters wrong.
Wow. Have you ever seen somebody so somber? So serious? There are presidents who get tone, and then there are presidents who get tone. It’s pretty obvious which kind we’re dealing with here. Plus, you can really tell that the president is a great guy because he only told the crowd to applaud for him once.

You can tell they definitely wanted to applaud more than that, though. Admit it: You wanted to applaud just watching the video.

Of course, despite how impressively somber and serious he is, the obstructionists and the witch hunters will undoubtedly refuse to give the president the credit he deserves. But that’s only because those poor souls have lost sight of every American’s most important duty: to make the president feel good about himself at all times. Thankfully, the president isn’t shy about reminding all of us about that duty.