10 Signs That You May Be a Witch

Welcome to the sisterhood.

As we learned on this week’s Broad City, witches come in many forms and fill many roles. They’re sex therapists. They sell crafts outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They live in Astoria, and — spoiler alert — recently got fired for accidentally killing their boss’s cat. (That’s Abbi, in case you couldn’t tell.)
It goes without saying that we should all strive to be as witchy as possible, but the fact of the matter is that not all of us are, in fact, witchy. To find out where you fall on the spectrum, see how many of the following statements you agree with:

1. I have at least one gray hair.

2. I’ve made kombucha several times in my life. (Bonus points if you also keep a scoby at home.)

3. I’m in the middle of knitting a warm, chunky scarf.

4. I subsist largely on hearty, steaming-hot soup that I drink out of a thermos as I go about my day.

5. I prioritize keeping my upper wing area warm during the colder months.

6. I went to art school.

7. I despise both the patriarchy and the concept of money.

8. I’m really into the solstice (not Soulstice).

9. My ideal night out consists of engaging in merriment with my pals as we circle ’round a bonfire at midnight.

10. Howling at the moon? Yes, please.

How’d you do? If you didn’t get a 10/10, we recommend digging deep to truly unleash that powerful magic lady inside of you. Good luck.