Key & Peele Film School

It’s way cheaper than other film schools.

Quentin Tarantino once famously said that he honed his skill as a director not by going to film school, but by going to films. But frankly, who even has time for that? If you want to become a great filmmaker or ingest some culture in a rush, all you really need is Key & Peele. Jordan and Keegan have watched a ton of movies, and they’ve developed an uncanny knack for parodying genres. Feast your eyes on these pitch-perfect spoofs.

Legally, you can’t make a sports movie without including a big inspirational speech in the rain. None of the so-called classics accurately reflect the experiences of real athletes like Jordan and Keegan’s take does, though.

This may be a controversial opinion, but here goes: Heist flicks rock. Specifically, scenes in which attractive people plan an impossibly clever heist in precise detail. Then again, as Jordan and Keegan point out in this sketch, sometimes the greatest theft of all is the time that employers take from you while you’re working at a lame job.

Ah, the scene in every 1980s action movie where a retired military guy is tracked down and asked to rejoin the fight against evil, or whatever. Great stuff. By poking some fun at this trope, Jordan and Keegan show that they know what real action genre nerds are all about. Not fight scenes, not explosions, but something much more exciting: old dudes.

A sketch about how people react to horror movies that also mimics the pacing and tone of a horror movie? Very meta (just like many horror movies!). It’s OK if you need a minute to process that — Key & Peele’s technique is pretty next-level.