The Best Places to Binge Broad City

With the wonders of Wi-Fi, you can watch Season 4 almost anywhere.

In case you didn’t know, you can now watch all of Broad City Season 4 on the Comedy Central app — which, if it’s on your phone, means you can take Abbi and Ilana with you wherever you want (without it being creepy).

So when watching their adventures on your couch seems lame, take in a change of scenery by bingeing in some of these exotic locales.


    You won’t get any judgment here. Look — you probably have your phone in there with you anyway, so as long as you don’t handle it with, you know, your wiping hand, you’re good to go.

  2. THE GYM

    Ellipticals might as well be medieval torture devices designed to sap your will to live through sheer boredom. We say you turn the tables on that evil machine by popping in some headphones and powering through at least three episodes.


    The argument could be made that a couch is a couch, but that’s a very myopic view of the Broad City viewing experience. What of the surrounding decor? The available snacks? The room tone? Yep, watching Broad City in your friend’s living room is pretty much like watching Broad City on another planet.


    Angle your screen downward and dive in. After all, this is the time of year when people are only pretending to work anyway.


    This is definitely for the more adventurous binger, but if your Wi-Fi reaches up there and it’s not completely f**king freezing, it could be fun. Just make sure to prop that access door/window open.