Outlaws, Renegades and a Guy Who Invented a Board Game

Can you feel the danger?

Brace yourself for a murderers’ row of pirates, gangsters and hell-raising rule-breakers. And also a man who invented a board game.

  1. Jean Lafitte

    Many pirates have terrorized the high seas, but you’d be hard-pressed to name a more dashing rogue than Jean Lafitte. His prowess was so renowned that England’s King George tried to recruit him. Fat chance, George.

  2. Bugsy Siegel

    Gangsters have always possessed an undeniably cool mystique. Yet beneath their flashy veneer lies pure violence and muscle. How else could Bugsy Siegel have turned Las Vegas from a desert outpost into the glitzy entertainment mecca it is today?

  3. Billy the Kid

    Billy the Kid: hero to the downtrodden or an enemy of law and order? Does it matter? There’s no denying that this legendary outlaw ruled the West.

  4. Milton Bradley

    Well, here we are. Milton Bradley — a man who didn’t use guns or swords or really do much of anything besides build a board game empire. Still, that’s something, right? Who doesn’t like board games?

    Fine. Maybe Milton Bradley can’t compete with the rest of the cool guys on this list. But you know what? Not everyone can be a gangster or pirate. Some people have to sit quietly and think up ideas for board games. And Milton Bradley did it well. Good for him.