How to Own the Title of Best Friend

Learn at the feet of the masters.

True friends support each other through thick and thin — and everything else in between. If you want to be a better BFF, just follow Abbi and Ilana’s lead, and you’ll never let your other half down.

A true friend is always willing to solve her best bud’s most embarrassing problems. She would not only ask everyone on the plane if they have a tampon, but she would solve the problem by making one herself — out of a pita and someone else’s hair. Gross? Yes. A beautiful gesture? Definitely.

When your best bud is in a bind and needs you to pretend to be her for a day, it’s your chance to shine. Make sure you get every detail right, from the hairstyle to the crop top to the bizarre way that she pronounces the word “yes.”

If your BFF falls into a ditch while you’re rollerblading to a dog wedding, here’s what you should do: Leave her with a weed care package and sniff your way through the park to find help.

When your best friend’s birthday rolls around, go to that fancy restaurant she’s been talking about and eat whatever she wants to eat — even if it almost kills you. Hey, friendship demands sacrifice.

BE A WINGWOMAN–wanna-die-
Your best friend invited her crush over during a hurricane, but her digestive tract betrayed her. Now the toilet won’t flush (and it’s full of dookie). How can you fix this horrifying situation? Be brave, put on some gloves and handle it — literally. The very best friends accept everything about each other. Everything.