Making the Most of Your Girlfriend’s Apartment

It can truly be the relaxing retreat you've been searching for.

The Richie Riches may be able to jet off to their pied-à-terres and vacation homes, but for the common man, their significant other’s two-bedroom can be a great getaway — especially when the S.O. in question is constantly traveling for work. Here are a few tips to really juice everything you can out of the experience.

Why hog the sweet, sweet benefits of another person’s abode when you can share it with your loved ones? The next time you settle in for a passing hurricane, call on a sibling or acquaintance to help eat all the food in your girlfriend’s refrigerator. The other attendees will be sure to see it as a welcome addition to their candlelit merriment.

Like roaches and noisy neighbors, your girlfriend’s roommate is just one of the inconveniences you could find at your cost-efficient escape. It’ll be much more pleasant if you develop a good rapport with her. So do her a favor or two. Who knows? You might even get a smooch out of it. (It’s not cheating if it’s part of a mail fraud scheme, right?)

TRY TO BE CLEAN—alone-time-with-bevers
Remember, your girlfriend’s apartment isn’t technically a hotel, so do the best you can to keep everything tidy. That said, nobody’s a saint. Don’t beat yourself up if you leave a few stray pubes in her roommate’s bed. These things happen.