Key & Peele’s Hidden Talents

They can do it all. Yep, even that.

Everyone knows that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are gifted comedians, actors and writers. But their talents don’t end there. These guys can do things that you never imagined possible, like keeping a straight face while talking about periods and pulling off Spandex.

LADIES’ MEN—uncensored
Jordan and Keegan are such expert showmen that they can turn a discussion about menstruation into a powerful stage performance. Who knew that a lesson on the female reproductive system could be turned into a Vegas-caliber stage show?

Shia LaBeouf may be giving James Franco a run for his money in the world of strange art, but Jordan and Keegan created a true piece for the people. Their work speaks volumes about society, consumerism, love and penises — without either of them ever uttering a word. This theater piece is so powerful that it’ll hit you like a swift kick in the nuts.

How could Jordan and Keegan possibly take their already-impressive dance skills to the next level? They could squeeze into leotards and get in formation. The only real challenge: keeping that smile plastered on no matter what the circumstances.