Your Local News Team’s Commitment to You

They're bringing you the stories that matter -- and the ones that don't.

In this era of 24-hour-news behemoths, it’s easy to forget about the regional anchors bantering away on the six o’clock news or the small-time reporter catching up with a local mah-jongg group. But you know who hasn’t forgotten them? Us. Those intrepid journalists are important figures in their communities. And lucky for all of us, they’re nothing like the guys in these videos.

Just look at the courage exhibited by substitute traffic reporter Brock Favors. Has he ever been in a helicopter? Nah. Is his language appropriate for a morning newscast? F**k no. But he’s out there doing his darndest anyway.

Those big-time cable networks are too busy covering the national stage to report on local dangers like black ice. But you know who isn’t? City News at 5. The program takes a real interest in the community, even if the coverage is maybe definitely more than a little racist. Cautiously qualified cheers to you, Jamie and Marcy!

When a Pegasus allegedly terrorizes a local neighborhood, Channel 6 News is on the scene — regardless of the actual veracity of the eyewitness testimony. We don’t see CNN lending coverage to these community members and their probably fake mythical creature sighting. Way to get out there, Rick! Keep stretching the boundaries of what’s physically possible in the news!