Meegan’s To-Do List

She’s a busy woman. A busy, horrible woman.

Everyone has that friend. The one who doesn’t get fries but then eats yours, who forgets her jacket at a restaurant but makes you go back for it and who has absolutely no problem making a scene. That friend is Meegan.
And like all Meegans, they live by a very specific schedule. For example, any Meegan’s to-do list could look very much like this:

Call Andre (boyfriend).
Yell at Andre for not answering on the first ring.
Find out what awesome club everyone else is going to tonight.
Get nails done!
Call Andre and tell him that he’s taking me out tonight.
Watch “The Green Mile” while I do my hair.
Go SHOPPING for a super cute dress — maybe sequins!
Text Andre some hearts.
Text Andre with where he should take me to dinner.
Call Andre because he hasn’t texted me back.
Change my mind about dinner and text Andre a different restaurant.
Put on my cute new dress.
Hit the club with my man.
Start a fight with the bouncer.
Make Andre fight said bouncer for me.

Sound familiar? If you don’t have a friend guilty of following this daily schedule, then you might be a Meegan. And if you are, cool it — the Andre in your life will thank you.