Surviving “The Mad Real World”

Things don't go well for Chad, the only white guy on the reality show "The Mad Real World." To be fair, though, it's all his fault.

The premise of “The Mad Real World” is simple: Instead of the typical reality-show trope of putting one non-white person in a house full of insane white people, this show does the reverse. And that’s bad news for Chad, the show’s token white guy.

Here are some ways Chad could’ve made life easier for himself on “The Mad Real World.”

  1. Don’t Wear That Backpack

    Did Chad receive the warmest welcome when he showed up to the house? No. Was it all because of that backpack he was wearing? It’s hard to say. But probably.

  2. Don’t Invite Your Girlfriend

    This one’s on Chad. He’s a lame white guy named Chad. If Katie has to choose between him and Lysol, her decision shouldn’t come as a shock. Way to blow it, Chad.

  3. Don’t Invite Your Dad

    Let’s go over the things Chad knew about Tyree at this point in the show. One, Tyree was insane. Two, Tyree hated Chad. Why would Chad invite his father into this environment? Honestly, it almost seems like Chad wanted his father to get stabbed in the living room.

  4. Don’t Be So Uptight

    Fine, your housemates were loud and obnoxious. Fine, your girlfriend rejected you and had sex with several of those housemates. Fine, your dad was knifed in the gut. Lighten up, dude. Living with other people is all about compromise. You need to find common ground — learn to give a little. But you couldn’t do it. You brought this on yourself, Chad.