The Harsh, Arbitrary Fist That Is Bellacourt Law

Rules, like promises, are made to be broken.

The Bellacourts are above many things — like poor people and probably some kind of burial ground — but particularly they are above the law. If Rhode Island is a legal playground for the rich, then this family is at the top of the monkey bars staring down at the masses. They’re so rich and powerful that Bellacourt siblings Frederick and Beatrice have both ruled the courtroom.–bellacourt-style
Who better to decide what’s legal and illegal than wealthy trainwrecks?

So forget what you know and start adhering to these very real and current Rhode Island laws (at least within the walls of Bellacourt Manor):

It is LEGAL, although troubling, to have sexual relations with your sibling.

It is ILLEGAL to take a hand towel from a household if you are a servant, even if it was given to you under the guise of romance.

It is LEGAL to inject yourself with cocaine before appearing in court.

It is ILLEGAL for a servant to marry a prince, especially if she was admitted into an asylum and later released into a butler’s custody.

It is LEGAL to push a fellow servant down the stairs as long as she loses her memory of what happened.

It is ILLEGAL to kidnap an heiress and not want to have sex with her.

It is LEGAL to defecate out of a hot-air balloon.

It is ILLEGAL to write terrible things about rich people in a newspaper, even if they are true.