Marvel at Beatrice’s Impressive Intelligence

She's pretty smart. (Or maybe she's just pretty.)

Beatrice Bellacourt is known for many things: her beauty, her poise, her unrelenting sexual desire for her brother, Frederick. However, it isn’t until Albert Einstein himself visits her father at Bellacourt Manor that anyone recognizes Beatrice’s intelligence. To everyone’s surprise, Beatrice has deep knowledge of the theory of relativity.
It’s not just the space-time continuum that Beatrice excels in. Take a look at the other things she knows a lot about:

Acting in a silent film.

Being prettier than a cabbage.

Seducing her brother.

Fighting a blind and deaf woman while drunk.

Protecting hatchet rights.

Having annual procreation sex.

Controlling a courtroom.

Injecting cocaine into her eye.

Planning a fake funeral.

Telling the difference between her friend and her servant.

Hitting pinatas.

Throwing cake-related tantrums.