How to Recover After Being Defeated in a Roast Battle

Don't beat yourself up emotionally. Someone else just did that.

When you’ve slaved away for weeks over just the right fast-food restaurant to reference in an epic fat joke about your opponent, it can be tough to swallow a Roast Battle loss (though not for him, right?). But that’s OK. You can come back from this with a lot of self-care — and probably a little crying.

Eat Your Feelings

Few things soothe the mind like carton after carton of takeout Chinese noodles. Or pizza. Or steak burritos. Or pints of ice cream. Or bags of cheese puffs that you dip in ranch dressing. Do you.

Hang Out with Real Friends

You just spent several rounds of jokes with another comic telling you how ugly, fat, unsuccessful, stupid or what a complete loser you are. Call up one of your friends who didn’t insult you on national television.

Cry About It

At home. Alone. Where no one can hear you.

Psych Yourself Out

Who better to deliver a pep talk than, well, you. You know your strengths and also your weaknesses. A good mirror scream can work wonders for the mind.

Get Back Out There—jimmy-carr-vs–christi-chiello
You know what they say: You’re only as good as your last roast battle. Christi Chiello got knocked out by Sam Morril in New York, but she returned to Roast Battle to take on the unparalleled Jimmy Carr. So get up, write some new jokes about how America doesn’t want to accept his dumb British head, and get roasting.