American Presidential Politics 101

Just in time for the election.

America. Democracy. Elections. These are just a few of the wonderful things that may come to an end this year. So if you want to learn about American presidential history, you may want to do it while that knowledge is still allowed.

Thankfully Drunk History, the only historical record we’re aware of, has got you covered. Want to understand this cuh-raaaaaaaazy year? Well, to directly quote President Reagan, “Mr. Gorbachev, scroll down to these clips!”

EDITH WILSON–the-first-female-president
As Jen Kirkman explains, Edith Wilson may not have actually been elected president, but for a long period of time, she effectively was the president in secret. Which, as far as secrets go, is a pretty good one.

For anyone who thinks American politics have never been weirder, please remember that on one glorious afternoon, Elvis Presley hung loose with Richard Nixon.

OK, you’re right. 2016 is still weirder.

RONALD REAGAN–rise-to-power
Ronald Reagan parlayed his fading celebrity to amass political power in a move that has no modern-day relevance.