Hidden Talent Ranch - You Wouldn't Know It

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 02/10/2016 Views: 141

Andrew Orvedahl, Ben Roy and Adam Cayton-Holland reveal the lesser-known talents of A-listers. (1:12)

It's now time for our next game,

Hidden Talent Ranch.Hidden Talent Ranch.

Cracked.com is oneof those rare comedy Web sites

that's actually funny. Theyrecently posted a great article

about celebritieswith surprising hidden talents.

For instance, did you knowthat Willie Nelson has

a fifth-degree black beltin tae kwon do?

Or that Jet Ski championVanilla Ice

also was a rapper at one point?

Well, now you do. Comedians,I'm gonna show you a picture

of a celebrity.I would like you to tell me

what their secret talent is.First up, Skrillex.

Yes, Andrew.

Works at Claire's boutiqueat the mall.

Yes, points!

Next up, Channing Tatum.

-Ben.-Styling Jonah Hill's back hair.


Next up, the Olsen twins. Adam.

Uh, appearing at the endof a hallway

when you're ridingyour big wheel.

Oh. Flawless reference.

Points. Next up, Nicki Minaj.

Secret talent. Adam.



Next up, Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres.


Huge ivory collection.

Points. You wouldn't know it.

-You wouldn't know it.It's a secret. -It's a surprise.