Synoptic Nerves - What's a "Carol"?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 01/13/2016 Views: 116

To celebrate the announcement of the Oscar nominations, Chelsea Davison, Adam Newman and Sean Donnelly summarize the plots of past award-winning films. (1:31)

It's time for Synoptic Nerves.Synoptic Nerves.

In just a few short hours,

Oscar nominationswill be announced,

making our lives livable again

and honoringthis year's best films

and prompting everyone to ask,"What's a Carol?"

But no one has time to watchall the great movies

that get nominated every year,so that's why we're playing

another installmentof Synoptic Nerves.

I'm gonna show youa former Best Picture winner,

and I want you to explain itto me in only five words.

All right?First up, Forrest Gump.

Explain it in five words.Chelsea.

Simpleton on benchbothers people.

Points. Next up, Titanic.

-Yes, Sean. -Big icebergkills Gilbert Grape.

Points! Next up, Braveheart.


Mel hates Gentiles for once.

Points. Next up, The Godfather.

Adam Newman.

Spaghetti, cannoli,parmesan, horse head!

All right, points.Very well done, very well done.

Uh, next up, West Side Story.


Romeo and Juliet but racist.


Uh, next up, Driving Miss Daisy.

Adam Newman.

A very involved Uber driver.


Very well done.

And finally, this could make orbreak Adam in this final one...


-All right. The S... -Escape the Nazis through song.

Yes! All right.

Sean Donnelly gets the points.