#OscarsSoWhite - More White Than a Chardonnay Line at a Coldplay Concert

Monday, January 18, 2016 01/18/2016 Views: 1,276

This year's Oscar nominees didn't include any non-white actors, so Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches weigh in on the Academy's casual racism via Twitter. (1:36)

As we go to our next game,#OscarsSoWhite.


As you probably heard,uh, no actors of color

were nominatedat the Academy Awards this year.

So all the nominees just looklike a pristine snowcap.

Uh, despite amazing performancesin movies like Creed

and Straight Outta Compton-- I was really surprised,

especially by that. So, theceremony's gonna look more white

than, like, a chardonnay lineat a Coldplay concert, uh...

Luckily, the hashtag,#OscarsSoWhite,

has been really hilariousall week, like this tweet.

"#OscarsSoWhite that the bearin Revenant would have snagged

a nomination if she were polar."

-That's good. That's good.-Well done, Marlon James.

So we thought we'd get inon the action.

Comedians, please give meas many #OscarsSoWhite tweets

as you possibly canin 60 seconds. And begin.

-Adam Savage. -They won't lettheir daughter date the Tonys.

Points. Ron Funches.

#OscarsSoWhite they're givinga lifetime achievement award

to the movie Powder.

Points. Adam.

The after-party'sat Cracker Barrel.

Points. Ron Funches.

Actually,I heard the after-party

was at Boston Market.

Points. Ron Funches.

I heard they're attemptingto adopt Chris Rock.

Points. Rich Eisen.

It's a Matthew McConaugheyJoint.

Points. Adam Savage.

Music by Macklemoreand Mumford & Sons.

Points. Rich Eisen.

A brunette counts as diversity.

Points. Rich Eisen again.

Spike Lee will be playedby Channing Tatum.

All right, points.