wikiHow in the Hell - Where's the Geek Squad?

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Katy Colloton, Katie O'Brien and Alison Brie determine what wikiHow articles are about based on the bizarre illustrations that accompany them. (4:04)

It's time to playwikiHow in the Hell.

-wikiHow is...-(cheering)

Oh... you'venever heard this game.

wikiHow isa Web site you can visit

to learn how to do thingsyou're too embarrassed

to ask a real person about.

For some reason, though,all their illustrations

look like they were madeby a madman

with a vague understandingof life on planet Earth.

So, comedians,I'm gonna show you

some of this wacky wikiHow art,and for 250 points,

I would like you to tell mewhat "how to"

it looks like it's from,all right?

First up, first up,this boxy buddy.

What's that from? Katy.

Uh, how to return the demonyou bought from Best Buy.

-Yeah. Points.-(laughter)

It came to life.

I don't know,is it supposed to...?

-Where's the Geek Squad?-(applause)

I don't get how--I don't get how it works.

-Alison Brie.-How to force your TV

to clean upafter you masturbate.

(laughter, groans, applause)

BRIE:That's right, that's right.



This is your fault, television!

-BRIE: Do it now!-You clean this up!

Cover me.

I'll never tell.


All right, next up,this somber fella,

this somber fella.

-Alison Brie.-How to cure baldness

by summoning Satanto the earth realm.

-Yes. Points. Uh-huh.-(laughter, applause)


Katy O'Brien.

How to die not surroundedby loved ones.



-Points.-I want to be alone,

I want to be alonewhen it happens,

and don't look at me.

-Don't look at me.-I just thought Mr. Clean

was getting a vasectomy--that's what I thought that was.

-Just casual.-Under a beautiful sunset.


I like how,when he gets a vasectomy,

he's like, "Yeah! Yeah!

-Yeah!-Tie it off!"


-Cut it and stuff it!-Yeah!

Yeah! Choop-choop.I'm a doctor.

-HARDWICK: I mean...-(laughter)

All right. Next up,this mischievous pair.

(laughter, groans)

(laughing):What the (bleep)?


I'm gonna go with--how to get murdered

by a strong, independent woman.

-(laughter, applause)-Points. Points.

COLLOTON:Yeah! Yeah!


-Yeah.-That dude is up to no good.


How to take a covert (bleep)next to a car.


-No one'll notice.-So incon... so inconspicuous.

No one will recognize me now.

No one's gonna look over here,and if they do, it's hilarious!


Look! He's pulling all thoseKleenexes out of his butt.

Next up, this ghostly fellow.

Alison Brie.

How to know you're poor.


Uh... Uh...

-HARDWICK: Eh...-It's his life.

-I mean, yeah.-It's his costume.

Even he... couldn't even affordthe scissors to cut out.

-He had to draw on the... Yeah.-He couldn't even...

-Uh, Katie O'Brien.-Couldn't afford eyes.

How to use a gift cardat Big Lots?

Points. Katie.

How to blend inon a Syfy original movie.

Yes, points.Absolutely.

Next up, thisbefore and after picture.


Uh, how to get Anderson Cooperto pick a paint swatch.

Oh. Oh.

That's so remarkably specific.

-So specific.-So specific.

And finally,this encounter with nature.

(bell dings)


How to brag to your dogabout how you go to school.


-Yeah, dude. See this?-You can't go to school.

-See all this I got?-Yeah.

-For school.-Points.

Katie O'Brien.

How to kill and eata backpacker.

Yes, points.

-This is from the Wolf Wiki.-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.