Conspiracy on the Conspira-Seas - Barge Full of Gray Ponytails

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 03/15/2016 Views: 39

Drew Tarver, Kulap Vilaysack and Andy Richter set sail on a cruise for conspiracy theorists and address the sneaking suspicions brewing on deck. (1:54)

As we go to our next game,

Conspiracy on the Conspira-Seas.

It's spring break time,

which means thousandsof depraved college students

will be filing onto cruise shipsacross the seven seas.

But this year they may have toshare the decks

with another group of people

who should be separatedfrom society:

conspiracy theorists!

Uh, this is absolutely true.

It's a conspiracy-themed cruise.

I would literally rather be ona boat raided by Somali pirates

than floating aroundon this barge

full of gray ponytails.

According to Jezebel,the Conspira-Sea Cruise

took its maiden voyagein January. Or did it?!

I'm kidding. Uh, withthe stated goal of uncovering

the "mind-blowing truth"about Monsanto,

bee colony collapse, autism,and, of course,

why the cruise has a mysterious30:1 male-to-female ratio,

all while drinkingdouble margaritas

during '80s Karaoke Nighton Deck B.

With Isaac. Comedians,

what are some thingsyou might overhear

on a conspiracy theory cruise?In 60 seconds and begin.

-Drew.-Chocolate Tower 7 is down.

-I think it was an inside job.-All right, points.

-Andy.-Me? No, I love vaccines.

In fact, this piƱa coladais full of them.

All right, points. Andy.

Maybe I did take a (bleep)in the pool.

Or maybe we all took a (bleep)in the pool.


Well, I guess...

I guess that would explainall the (bleep) in the pool.

-Drew. -I wish my tummy wasas flat as the Earth.

Points. Kulap.

I'm beginning to thinkthat all of the bodies of water

-are somehow connected.-All right, points.

-Andy.-I heard that Han Solo

and Indiana Jonesare the same guy.


-Drew. -Uh, meet youat the Grassy Knoll Bar.

-We're taking shots.-All right. Points. -Oh! Drew!