Alec Baldwin's Trumpian Twitter Drama

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Alec Baldwin dragged Chris into his Twitter feud with fellow Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik, so Arielle Vandenberg, Flula Borg and Steve Agee try to smooth things over. (4:04)

After news broke that Ziploc bagfull of corn chowder

-Donald Trump... is...-(laughter)

...skipping this year's WhiteHouse Correspondence Dinner,

'cause he doesn't haveto be there. Ugh!

So we decided on our show

to push for our old pal,Anthony Atamanuik,

who's been doinghis amazing Trump impression

on our show for,

-like, a year now.-(applause and cheering)

You can see the Trump-Berniedebates on YouTube.

It was, like, one of the biggestthings we ever did on the show.

So we said, "Hey, maybeAnthony could do this."

You know, to fill infor the president

by promoting the hashtag#MakeAnthonyTrumpAgain.

We even got the supportof Luke Skywalker himself!

-Mark Hamill jumped in to thefray. -(applause and cheering)

This, of course,trended on Twitter.

Seemed like everyone wason board, you know.

Everyone, everyone exceptfor another Trump impersonator,

famous actorand longtime resident

of your mom's mash cache,Alec Baldwin.


Now for some reason, Baldwin,

who's doing an incredible Trumpon SNL,

and has been doingan amazing job since last fall,

went on Jimmy Kimmeland was kind of dismissive

of Anthonyand called him, quote,

"A guy who's on the Internet,"which makes Anthony sound

like he's currently stuckin Tron or something.

-(laughter)-He's a real guy.

He's done a lot of stuff.

Anthony's an accomplishedperformer.

He's been honinghis Trump impression since 2015,

a little bit longer thanAlec Baldwin, but it's fine.

-(laughter)-I'm not trying to...

I don't want to battle anything.I don't... you know?

Also, not to mention,the two of them were

-on 30 Rock together for years.Here's Anthony. -(cheering)

Now, this whole thingspilled over onto Twitter,

where Alec was pretty dismissiveof Anthony.

And then, when a random fan,and our friend James Adomian,

who played Sandersin the Trump thing, jumped in--

admittedly,Adomian was a little hot,

he was a little hot--

but Alec Baldwin respondedby threatening to sue them.


The coups de graceof this whole thing is

Alec Baldwin's twitter accountblocked @midnight,

a TV show,

and then (bleep) me!He blocked me for some reason!

-(laughter)-I didn't do anything!

-What did I do?-(applause)

I didn't do anything!

I'm not a...

I didn't meanto be part of this.

I... We were just supportingour buddy, you know.

All right, first of all,I wasn't following him,

-and he blocked me.-(laughter)

But now I'm upset that I' that I can't follow him

if I wanted to.I'm blocked.

Alec, I thought we were friends.

Look, this is your handon my shoulder.

-(applause and cheering)-Look at this.

I didn't know.I didn't even know

Alec Baldwin wanted to dothe correspondence dinner,

and we're certainly not (bleep)on his impression in any way.

(bleep) both do it.One of 'em

get up, and then roast the otherTrump, and then swap places.

-Who gives a (bleep)?-(applause and cheering)

You know, we were justrooting for our friend.


Alec could just (bleep) dothe correspondence dinner.

If he wanted, he could just go,"Hey, I want to do this."

And they go, "(bleep) do it.Let's do it now.

Who gives a (bleep)? You'reAlec Baldwin. That's great."

Tony is the underdog here.

He is the Bernie Sandersof Donald Trumps.

-Do you understand?-(laughter)

-This is taking thingsway too personally. -Wow.

Threatening people with lawsuitsand then blocking me,

-aka, you built a wall!-(laughter)

-(cheers and applause)-So, comedians...

I don't want thereto be any bad blood here.

What can I say to getAlec Baldwin to unblock me?

-Steve. -Hi, Alec.It's Lorne Michaels.

Could you do me a favorand unblock Mr. Hardwick?

And while you're at it,

maybe make an appearanceon the Talking Dead?

Okay, bye. See you Saturday.

HARDWICK: All right, great.Yeah, points. That'd be great.

-(applause)-Thank you.


You don't need this.You've got Alec Baldwin money.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: Yes, yes, points.

-(applause and cheering)-He does.

-Flula Borg.-Listen.

Of all of the Baldwin bothers,

you are absolutelyin my top three.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: See?!

-(applause and cheering)-Alec, let's be friends again.

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