#HashtagWars - #FastFoodBooks

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 02/10/2016 Views: 218

Books are making their way into Happy Meals, so Andrew Orvedahl, Ben Roy and Adam Clayton-Holland combine fast food with literature in a deep-fried mashup. (1:11)

It's now time for tonight's#HashtagWars.

From now until February 15,McDonald's is switching out

the toys in theirHappy Meals for books,

accidentally ruining theirdecades-long streak of evil.

But since the publicis hungry for literature,

tonight's hashtagis #FastFoodBooks.

Examples might be For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls

and The Portrait of the Artist As A Young Cheeseburger.

In 60 seconds, and begin.Ben.

Chipotles Misérables.

Points. Very good.Adam.

Orange is the New Julius.

Points. Ben.

Mall Diet on the Western Front.

Points, yes.Andrew.

A Tale of Two (bleep).

Yes, points.Andrew.

Uh, The Taco Bell Jar.

Yes, points.Adam.

All the Arby's Horses.


Eat, pray, (bleep).

Yes, points.Andrew.

Animal Style Farm.

Yes, points.Uh, Ben.

Fried and Prejudice.

-That's good, I like that.-Nice. Adam.

Uh, Mein Kampf-Wrapped Supreme.