#HashtagWars - #BabyTV

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 02/28/2017 Views: 150

The internet's obsession with a pregnant giraffe inspires Henry Phillips, Angela Trimbur and Brendon Walsh to make up baby-themed TV shows. (2:27)

Now it's timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.


For the past six whole days,the Internet has been fixated

on Animal Adventure Park'slivestream,

where at any moment,April the giraffe

will give birth and questionwhy she ever gave up her dreams

of becoming a dancer.

There's the livestream.This is happening.

At leastwhen we're taping the show,

this is what's going onright there.

Feels wrong.Feels like we shouldn't be...

This feels like a fetish video.

I don't feel like we shouldbe able to be watching this.

However,many of April's loyal viewers

did not expect the processto take this long,

and they did what peopleon the Internet do,

which is tweettheir frustration,

because we're impatient.

"Okay, that giraffe needsto stand the (bleep) up

and start pushing.Like, what the (bleep)?"


Seems a little aggressive.

Seems a little aggressive.

And, uh, also, this.

(audience whooping)

So in honor of April'ssoon-to-be-streamed little one,

tonight's hashtag is #BabyTV.

Examples might be-- The Crawling Dead,

and MTV Literal Cribs.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Brendon. -Babies Left in Cars by Comedians Getting Coffee.

-(laughter, whooping, applause)-Ah! That's the best!

That was the best joke.

Points. Henry.

-Suddenly Susan Death Syndrome. -All right, points.

-Brendon. -Fisher-Price Is Right.


-Henry. -Fresh Off the Boob.

-Yes, points.-(cheering)

-Angela. -Melrose Place-enta.

-Yes, points.-(laughter, cheering)

-Brendon. -So You Think You Can Walk.

-Points.-(laughter, whooping)

-Angela. -The Real Housewives of Chuck E. Cheese.

-Yes. Very good. Points.-(cheering)

-Henry. -Better Change Saul.

-Yes, points.-(cheering)

-Brendon.-Uh, To Catch My Uncle.

-Yes, points.-(groans, shouts)

He didn't say for what reason.

-Got to catch him!-Angela.

-Fresh Prince of No-Hair. -Points. -(cheering)

-Henry. -Orange Is the New Snack.

-Points.-(laughter, whooping)

Aw, that's nice.That's a nice joke.

-Brendon. -Inside Amy Schumer's Womb.

-All right, points.-(groans, shouts)


How about Inside Amy Womber?


-It was right there.-That's why you're the host.