Extended - 2 in the Walls, 8 in the Balls - What's My Fortune Say? - Uncensored

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An Etsy shop is selling a Magic 8 Ball butt plug, so Kevin Smith, Brian Posehn and Matt Mira read some of the fortunes that it will tell. (2:05)

We go to our next game, 2 in the

Walls, 8 in the Balls.

Etsy finally has found a

solution to all those times

you've been shoving things in

your ass while wondering what

lies ahead in your future, a

Magic 8-Ball plug.

Oh. "Reply hazy, ass again



>> I love that they were smart

businesspeople and just make

them to order.

And they didn't... they didn't

make a bunch.

>> HARDWICK: You know, I don't

see anything that says no

returns, but I... really feel

like that's... Oh, you can see

the fucking guy's reflection in

the plug part right there, too.

>> Enhance!

(mimics zoom sound effect)

>> Is that 8-ball actual size?

>> HARDWICK: I don't know if

it's an actual-size 8-ball.

That'd be so weird if you're

like, "What's my fortune say?

What's it say?"

This item is listed on Etsy for

a surprisingly reasonable price

of 30 bucks.

30 U.S. dollars.

>> You can't get a butt plug

that cheap, man.

Like, it sucks that the future's

attached to it, but still.

>> Not one made in America,


>> HARDWICK: I wonder if one of

the... I wonder if one of the

answers on the little pyramid

inside says, "You need to go to

the E.R."

Uh, one has to wonder what

fortunes will be told on the

Magic 8-Ball that powers your


I would like you to come up with

as many Magic 8-Ball butt plug

fortunes as you can in 60


Please begin.

Matt Mira.

>> Moist likely.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Brian Posehn.

>> Outlook foggy.

Nope, that's just shit.

>> HARDWICK: Poi... Points.

Points. Brian Posehn.

>> Your future stinks.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Brian Posehn again.

>> It's a living!

>> HARDWICK: Points, yes.

With the Flintstones, it would

be, like, a lizard on the back

of a stick.

Yeah. Points.

Matt Mira.

>> If you're sliding into first

and you feel something burst...

it is certain.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Well-well played. Kevin.

>> Can't see. Poo over.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Matt Mira.

>> My reply is yeah!