Siri M.D. - A.I. Assistants Suck at Giving Medical Advice

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 03/22/2016 Views: 165

Jenny Johnson, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher refrain from bringing all of their concerns to Siri. (1:25)

As we go to our next gameSiri MD. Siri MD.

A recent study showedthat A.I. assistants

like Siri andMicrosoft's Cortana really suck

when it comes to answeringserious medical questions.

Uh, although, it shouldprobably be no surprise

that you shouldn't trustyour health to the same program

you use to findnearby mozzarella sticks

and anime porn. So, comedians,what are some other questions

you should not trust to thelittle person inside your phone?

In 60 seconds. And begin. Rhea.

Siri, why does Neil deGrasseTyson want to take the joy

-out of everything?-Points.


what's the best way to syncmy wife's period to my period?


Aren't you just supposed to,like, blow your own hormones

into her face or something?Like... (blowing)

No. No, Chris.Not into her face.

-Jenny. -Siri,how do I get One Direction

-to give me a hand job? Yeah.-All right, points.


what should I dowith this O.J. knife?

Points. Rhea.

Siri, where is the closestdiner, drive-in, or dive?

Points. Jenny.

Siri, do you think Marco Rubiohas stopped crying yet?

-Points. Rhea.-Yeah.

Siri, where in the worldis Carmen San Diego?