#HashtagWars - #VegasMovies

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 04/12/2016 Views: 109

Arden Myrin, Lamorne Morris and Carrot Top bring the bright lights of Las Vegas to the big screen. (1:30)

It's now timefor the HashtagWars.

(cheering, applause)

We have a bona fide Las Vegaslegend with us here tonight

in Los Angeles, the centerof the-- it's you.

-It's you!-We're in Los Angeles,

the center of the movie world,so these are two cities

where you most likely seea crying man in a shiny shirt,

and even more likely to find out

that that guy used to bein Motley Crue.

So we're gonna smash the...You should have seen the video

with Nick Cage--(bleep) amazing.

Uh, we're gonna smashthese two cities together

with tonight'shashtag #VegasMovies.

-Examples might be: Carrot Top Gun, -Ah.

or: Saving Private Lap Dance.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Lamorne. -Gangs of New York, New York.

-Points. Carrot Top. -My Big Fat Hooker Wedding.

Points. Arden.

Tinker, Tailor, Stripper Died.




Bat... Bat Mandalay Bay v Super Mandalay Bay. -Yes.

-Oh, very good. Yeah,I like that. -Thank you.

That doesn't hurt anyone.Lamorne.

One Million Ways to Die in a Best Western.

Points. Carrot Top.

Snow White and the Seven, uh, uh, and the Seven STD's.

-Yes. Points.-(laughter)

-Arden. -Honey, I Shrunk the Retirement Account.

-Yes. Points.-(laughter)

And I lost the kids.

And I lost the kids.I lost the kids.

HARDWICK: I lost them.I don't know where they are.

-Uh, Lamorne. -12 Years a Recovering Alcoholic.

Yes. Points.

-Carrot Top. -Whiskey Tango (bleep) I'm Out of Money.

Yes. Points. Perfect!