Secret Service Code Names - From Rawhide to Short Bus

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 02/23/2016 Views: 124

Mary Lynn Rajskub, Craig Ferguson and Kurt Braunohler dole out Secret Service code names to politicians from around the world. (1:23)

As we go to our next game,

Secret Service Code Names.Secret Service Code Names.

The Secret Service has givena code name

to meringue-boned Democraticcandidate Bernie Sanders,

and that name is Intrepid.Intrepid is also the brand name

of Bernie's Canadiandry mouth medication.

Uh, the Secret... He's very old.

The Secret... the Secret Servicehas been doing this for years,

from Ronald Reagan,whose code name was Rawhide,

to George W. Bush,whose code name was Shortbus.

So, comedians, I'm gonna showyou some political figures,

and I want you to give metheir code names.

First up, Vladimir Putin.Vladimir Putin. Craig Ferguson.

Pussy Riot!

(bleep). Points.

Next up, Angela Merkel.Angela Merkel. Kurt.

SpongeBarb SquarePants!

-Yes, points!-All right!

Next up, Kim Jong-un.Kim Jong-un. Mary Lynn.

Kim Kardash-hole.

Points. Oh, so good.

Next up, Ted Cruz.



Next up, Hillary Clinton.

-Hillary Clinton. KurtBraunohler. -Mrs. President!

-Points.-(light whooping, groaning)

-Uh, next...-Wha... -(laughter)

Next up, Martin Shkreli.


Yes, points.

Finally, the Koch brothers.

-Mary Lynn.-Hall and Oates.

Yes, points! Very good.