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Extended - Thursday, December 15, 2016 - Uncensored 12/15/2016 Views: 593

As the New Year approaches, Andy Richter, Diona Reasonover and Matt Besser imagine what's in store for 2017. (2:28)

Now it is time for tonight's




From Donald Trump calling Jeb

Bush "low energy" to Donald

Trump caught on tape bragging

about sexual assault to Donald

Trump becoming the fuckin'

president, 2016 featured news

stories as insane and

unbelievable as Donald Trump.

Will 2017 be anywhere nearly as


Only time will tell-- we'll have

to wait and see.

Or will we?!

Let's all... gaze into our

crystal balls with tonight's

hashtag #2017Predictions.

(villainous chuckling)



>> Nice.

>> HARDWICK: My first prediction

is that this fuckin' guy's not

going anywhere.

Uh, other examples might be...

(whooping, applause)

Oh, stop it!

You say that here, and then

you'll go on the Internet and

tell me how much come I eat on

Twitter. Uh...


I... That's for you.


So, examples of this might be--

Apple swings the other way and

adds two headphone jacks, or...

It'll finally be a wrap on

planet Earth.

I'm gonna put 60 seconds on the

clock, and begin.


>> Black Twitter finally becomes

a separate but equal app.


(whooping, applause)

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Matt Besser.

>> Trump resigns the presidency

to take over the Trump

impression on SNL.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

(laughter, applause)


>> Planned Parenthood changes

its name to Figure It Out

Yourself, You Dumb Slits.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

>> Whoa.

>> HARDWICK: Andy Richter.

>> Uh, Jimmy Fallon tousles

Putin's hair and gets his hand

dunked in acid.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

Points. Matt Besser.

>> Kanye West completes a full


>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

(cheering, applause)

>> The whole thing.

>> HARDWICK: It'll never happen.


>> Jay Z releases his follow-up

to "Lemonade" called "We Were on

a Break."

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.



>> The first viable human clone

is produced.

It's a Chris Hardwick that hosts

a recap show about all the other

shows that the actual Chris

Hardwick does.

>> HARDWICK: That's a fantastic


That's a fantastic idea. Yeah.


So there'd be Talking Dead,

there'd be chatmidnight, there'd

be Balls to the Wall, which...

>> Yes.

>> HARDWICK: All right. That is

the end of the #HashtagWars.