Live Challenge - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 02/02/2016 Views: 147

Pope Francis is making his cinematic debut, so Dominic Monaghan, Liza Treyger and Mamrie Hart come up with more films for him to star in. (1:15)

Before the break, I told youabout Pope Francis'

upcoming film appearance.

I asked you to pitch anothermovie to a Hollywood executive

as his holiness.

Let's hearwhat you came up with.

Dominic Monaghan,let's start with you.

(Italian accent): Okay,so there's a sleepy East Coast

beach town being terrorizedby a huge big fish...

Oh. Steven Spielbe...

Oh, Jaws? Oh, what?!

-No?-All right.

I love that accent.

Uh, Liza, let's...

It's the firstVatican bobsled team.

Um, it's meand my very good buddies,

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit,

and Dave Franco.



But the team gets disqualified

'cause God's not real.

(groaning, laughter)

-Uh... I mean..-(bleep).

Oh, no.

What if the Pope was like,"Psst, I don't think he's real."

Like, "What?!"


Um, so it'll be a sequelto Hope Floats,

but we'll call it Pope Floats. And, um...

and I play a single motherwho... You know what, screw it,

I just really want to go ona cruise with Harry Connick Jr.

All right.