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Extended - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - Uncensored 03/30/2017 Views: 16,307

Moshe Kasher, Doug Benson and Milana Vayntrub extend an olive branch to rapping Juggalo Kotton Kandy. (2:54)

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Last week, our social media

accounts were hacked by an

unknown someone or someones.

We were initially shocked that

anyone would want to sabotage

our modest little program, but

then we realize, a big part of

our show is messing around and

dicking on Internet goofballs,

and it's plausible that one of

them may be harboring a grudge.

So to sniff out potential

culprits, I'm gonna show you

someone who's been the target of

our japes, for $250...

And it's all in good fun.

We don't ever mean to hurt

anyone's fucking feelings.


So I just want to get that out


For 250 points, I would like you

to tell us what we can do to

make it up to them.

First up-- we recently profiled

Canadian juggalo Kotton Kandy

and her song "Do You Want Fries

With That?"


>> ♪ Do you want fries

With that?

Hell, yeah

♪ I want fries with that


Do you want fries with that?

♪ Yeah

I said, "Extra large"

Where the hell

Did you get medium from? ♪


>> HARDWICK: I know.

(applause and cheering)

>> After it aired, she responded

on Twitter: "Was featured on

@midnight Tuesday night, they

spent a good segment making fun

of Juggalos, haters gonna hate.

Gotta stay serious."



(applause, whooping)


Do you want fries with that?!

>> Wait, how is a woman in clown

makeup gonna say, "Gotta stay


That's, like, exactly the

opposite of clown school


>> HARDWICK: Unless she's a

French Juggalo.

I don't know, they're more


>> You've obviously never hung

out with Ronald McDonald.

He is all business.

>> HARDWICK: He saves it all for

the camera, but at home, very


>> You also don't hang out with

the Joker, whose catchphrase is,

"Why I gotta stay serious?"

>> HARDWICK: Oh, boy, it's not

that at all.

The Joker's catchphrase is

definitely not, "Why I gotta

stay serious?"

Why I gotta stay serious,


>> Why you gotta?

You have me like...

>> HARDWICK: Check out the,

uh... check out the Toker over

there, you guys.

(cheering, whooping, applause)

Now, comedians...

>> Hey!

>> HARDWICK: I'm taking my

trophy and going home!

>> Hey!

>> HARDWICK: Okay, I'm home.

>> Hey, you could take it, but

one question.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah?

>> Do you want fries with that?

(laughter, applause)

>> HARDWICK: Now, comedians...

how could we make up this

travesty to Cotton Candy?


>> Soak her tampons in Faygo.


(laughter, applause)

>> I did not know that we could

add "whoo-whoo" to a punch line.


Are we also allowed to add "fwa,

fwa, fwa"?

(laughter, applause)

Milana Vayntrub.

>> Have you tried just giving

her fries with that?