TGI Pi Days

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 03/14/2017 Views: 96

In honor of Pi Day, Janet Varney, Gabriel Diani and Johnathan Fernandez invent even nerdier holidays to celebrate. (1:32)

March 14 is an important dayin history for so many reasons.

It's Albert Einstein's birthday,

the anniversaryof the cotton gin's patent,

the day of the Truce of Ulm.

But more importantly,

mother(bleep) Pi day,mother(bleep).

(cheers and applause)

Yeah, there's no partylike a Pi Day party,

'cause a Pi Day partydon't stop ever.

-It literally goes onand on and on. -(laughter)

It's irrational.That's right.

3/14, March 14.

Although, in... overseas,

they celebrate Pi Dayon July 22,

'cause that's 22 over seven.

-Everyone just got dry.-(laughter)

3/14 is the day we celebratea mathematical constant

by baking it into pastries.

It's also the nerdiest thingto go into pies

since Jason Biggs' (bleep).

(laughter and groaning)



Pi Day's not quiteas popular as the day

of celebrating force equalsmass times acceleration,

or as other people call it,"The Daytona 500."


Not a science crowd.Not a science crowd.


Comedians, what's another

nerd holidaywe need to be celebrating?

-Johnathan.-Darth Seder?


-Yeah.-(laughter, applause, cheering)

Very good.



-HARDWICK: Yeah, points.Very good. -(laughter)



Starfleet Week.