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Hannibal Buress, Bridget Everett and Pete Holmes introduce awful, amateur beatboxers by acting as their hype men. (6:07)

But now it's time to

play Mouthfarters With Attitude.

Beatboxing is a tough skill tomaster.

(beatboxing)You don't just wake up one


See, I tried to weave it in.

>> It was good though.

>> HARDWICK: No, it was notgood.

>> I liked it a lot. No.

>> HARDWICK: Uh, you don't justwake up one day sounding exactly

like turntables; you have tospend thousands of hours blowing

butt sounds out of your mouthand into your spitty hand-- as

was just demonstrated by me--which takes patience, which

YouTubers don't have.

So I'm gonna show you a video ofan amateur beatboxer.

For 250 points, I would like youto introduce them as their hype

man, all right?

First one, this beat-droppingwizard.

(wheezy, sputtering beatboxing)I'm just concerned that you

can't see his hands.

They may not be...

It's beating something but notboxes.

(bell dings)Pete Holmes.

>> Emcee Getting a Bad Blowjob.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

Uh, Hannibal.

>> Hey, ladies and gentlemen,are you ready to see what

happens when a man with a nutallergy gets peanut butter on

his inhaler?

>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> This guy.

>> HARDWICK: There he is.

Then, uh, jumping to theopposite side of the spectrum,

we have this monotone music man.

(monotonous beatboxing)(descending notes)

>> (hoarsely): Do somethingelse.

(blowing, sputtering)(bell dings)

>> HARDWICK: Pete.

>> Live from the third circle ofhell...

(laughs)it's Mr. Emcee Should Follow His

Own Advice and Do SomethingElse.

>> HARDWICK: Okay, points.


>> Are you ready to feel sad andquestion what you did tonight?


that's gonna happen, and you'rewelcome.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Now, this next one comes to usfrom the Beatbox Battle World

Championship, somehow.

(chirping sounds)(quacking)

(bell dings)Hannibal.

>> Welcome to a new game show.

It's called Seizure or SoundEffects?

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

"Oh, uh, seizure! Seizure!

I think it's seizure!">> Maybe that's, like,

alternative beatboxing.

We don't do it like everybodyelse.

>> HARDWICK: Maybe it's theWorld Series of beatboxing for


It's just, like...

it's just all these ducks whoare like...

(quacking)>> I mean, she identifies as a

duck, so...

I want to do that.

>> HARDWICK: Bridget.

>> Put your hands together forQueef Latifah!

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

Next one, what about this dukeof dubstep?

(beatboxing dubstep rhythms)(bell dings)


>> This man just... completed a12-dubstep program.

>> HARDWICK: Points.


>> Ladies and gentlemen, it'sthe guy that gave the bad

blowjob to the first guy.

>> HARDWICK: Okay, points.

Perfect. What a way to...

>> Callback!


>> HARDWICK: That's notpolitical in any way.

Pete, that was not remotely...

>> Think about it.

>> HARDWICK: No, you just...

>> People have the right!

>> HARDWICK: To what, hear youmake jokes?

>> People have the right inAmerica!

>> HARDWICK: For what?

>> Politics!

Democrat! Republican!

I can touch this!

I can touch this!

This one, this one, and th...

>> HARDWICK: Uh-oh.

(cheering and applause)>> I'm political, too!

And I have the right to have mydomain here!

>> HARDWICK: All right, nextone, how 'bout this

gesticulating fellow?

(beatboxing)(rapid beatboxing)

(bell dings)Ted Cruz, the teenage years.

Pete-Pete Holmes.

>> Ladies and gentlemen, if youthought white guys beatboxing

was terrible, wait till you seewhite guys beatboxing with the

Macarena, air drumming, and, forno reason, a sad chef.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.


>> Impossibly worse.

>> HARDWICK: Hannibal.

>> Give it up for one of myfavorite acts on the circuit,

Spit Van Winkle and HostageChef.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

Points to Hannibal.

Yeah, that guy's poor hands arecuffed underneath the table.

"I just want to see my family."

Last one, how 'bout thisshrieking soloist?

>> (high-pitched): ♪ Oh, my, oh,my, oh, my, oh, my fucking God

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, oh, my♪ fucking God

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, oh, myfucking God ♪

(bell dings)>> HARDWICK: Hannibal.

>> Ladies and gentlemen, youmight have heard this man's

music on a loop at GuantanamoBay, uh...

...give it up for DjKewl,everybody!

>> HARDWICK: Yeah. Points.

>> Political.

>> HARDWICK: Points to Hannibal.