Sketch Comedy - Who Am I to Judge a Judge?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 03/01/2016 Views: 61

Hayes MacArthur, Andree Vermeulen and David Koechner elaborate on ridiculous courtroom illustrations. (2:17)

It's time to play Sketch Comedy.Sketch Comedy.


Courtroom sketch artistsare like drunks

that witness a car accident

and then try to draw itwith their mouths.

I'm not sure whythey don't just use cameras,

but who am I to judge a judge?

So, comedians, I'm gonnashow you a bad courtroom sketch,

and for 250 points, just answera few simple questions.

And remember,you are under oath.

First up--bailiff, what's our next case?


-Hayes. -The UPS Guyversus the Traffic Cone

That ThoughtIt Was Better Than Him.

Yeah. Points.

-David. -Your Honor,it's a case of my ex-wife

marrying Jim Simmons--he used to be

my best friend in the world!

-All right. Points.-(applause, cheering)

-Yeah.-(applause, whooping)

Next up--you may cross-examine.

(audience groans)

Yes, Drée.

Mr. Carrot Top,you've been accused

of murdering a woman...

with a toilet seattied to a baseball bat.

Points. Next up, next up--

closing statements,closing statements.


Before we sentencethis guy to death,

give it up for Randyon the keys!

(laughter, whooping)

Just playing"Stairway to Heaven."

-MacARTHUR:Tickling the ivories. -Drée.

Uh, the defense rests,Your Honor.

Jimmy, hit it.♪ Never gonna give you up

-♪ Never gonna let you down. -Yeah, points. Points.


Ladies and gentlemen of thejury, I'd like to thank you all

for hanging out for 12 weeksof laborious testimony.

Before you leave,tip your waitstaff.

Yeah. Points.

Finally, please risefor your sentence.

Please rise...

I don't get up for anything lessthan a paragraph.

Yes, points.

Well played.

Well played indeed.

Hayes MacArthur.

Uh, the courtfinds you free to go.

However, your faceand sweater sentence you

to a lifetimeof solitary confinement.