Nerd Suit - Chris Is a Fake Geek Girl

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 04/13/2016 Views: 127

After checking out a men's suit with a Pac-Man print, Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Ilana Glazer explore further gaming-inspired fashion trends. (1:14)

Being a nerd is hard work, youguys.

Uh, but don't ask me.I'm a fake geek girl.

Now, there's a ton of comics.There's...

That's so true. That's funny.

There's comics to read,there's games to play,

there's so many movies to watch,

people with bad opinions onlineto argue with,

and now, suits to buy!

OppoSuits just introducedthe PAC-MAN suit.

Now, a lot of people tweeted methis suit right here.

Which, um, I really haveto point out now--

this legit looks like a suitpeople would wear to my funeral.


Now, I knew this would beremarkably on brand for me,

but as a 44-year-old manwho's about to get married,

I think maybe,maybe a head-to-to PAC-MAN suit

is just a little much at thispoint in my life, all right?

Maybe I'm not gonna do that.

Okay, maybethere are better things

I should be doing with my timethan wearing PAC-MAN suits.

But, comedians,what's another gaming-inspired

fashion trend on the horizon?Paul.

It's two pair of pantsyou wear over each other,

and it's called Pants, Pants, Revolution.

-HARDWICK: Yes. Points.-(laughter)

-Absolutely. Absolutely. -Oh, myGod. -(applause and cheering)

That's so good.


Uh, Super Mario cardigan.

-HARDWICK: Yes.-Cart.

-That's good. Still even?-HARDWICK: Points. Points.


Sonic the Wedge... hog.

-Yes. Points. Perfect. Perfect.-(laughter, applause)