#HashtagWars - #MomSongs

Monday, May 9, 2016 05/09/2016 Views: 412

In celebration of Mother's Day, Kate Micucci, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld make up maternal versions of hit songs. (1:24)

Now it's timefor our #HashtagWars.

(cheering, applause)

This past Sundaywas Mother's Day,

a holiday about thankingthe women who raised us,

gave us life, and technically,

also served as our firstapartments for a few months.

Uh, and after how much painyou caused her

to bring you into this world--

which she reminds youevery time you don't call!--

words are just not enoughto say thanks.

So that is why tonight's hashtagis #MomSongs.

Examples might be:"Party in the PTA,"

and "Total Guilt Tripof the Heart."

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock...

Where are my Catholics at?Where are my Catholics at?

Uh, 60 seconds on the clock,and begin.

-Kate.-"Come On, Eileen,

You're Gonna Be Latefor Swim Class."

All right, points.

-Jake.-"Take Me to Church,

Your Great Aunt Stella Is Dead."

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

-Kate.-"Jumpin' Jack Hot Flash."

Yes, points.

-Amir.-"Oppa Gangmom Style."

-All right, points.-(laughter)

-Jake.-"Dad Better Have My Money."

-Yes, points.-(laughter, whooping, applause)

-Kate. -"Rocky MountainHigh-Waisted Jeans."

-All right, points.-(laughter)

-Amir.-♪ That Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom Song.

-Okay, points.-(laughter)

-Amir again. -♪ ThatSong-Song-Song-Song Mom. ♪

-HURWITZ: That's not fair.-That's totally fair.

He buzzed in twice. Points.

-Kate.-Anything by Boyz II Menopause.

-Yes, points.-(whooping)

-Amir. -"Now Watch Me Whip,Now Watch Me Lactate."

-All right, points. Points.-There, I... What? What?