There's Waldo - We Looked Everywhere for This F**king Guy

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 01/06/2016 Views: 79

The Internet has finally located the elusive Waldo, so Jamie Lee, Chris Cubas and Doug Benson use the photos to uncover his most recent whereabouts. (1:36)

As we go to our next game,

There's Waldo.There's Waldo.

Back in the 20th centuryour "find the panda" meme

was an anorexic world travelerwith a bum knee

who dressed like a gayFrench merchant marine

named Waldo.

Uh, we looked everywherefor this (bleep) guy.

And I'm happy to reportthe Internet has found him

many times over.

So I'm gonna show you somephotos of some Waldos,

and you have to tell mewhere the hell

they just were, all right?

First up, this bosomy Waldo.Jamie.

Uh, writing poetry thatthe world isn't ready for.

All right, points.

Next one, where-wherewas this guy, Doug?

Looks like he just got dumpedout of Santa's bag.


Next up, uh, wherewere these two, Jamie?

Uh, Christmasat Robert Durst's house.


Points to Jamie Lee.

Uh, next, next, what about, uh,

what about man's best Waldo?Chris.

Licking all that peanut butteroff your mom's pussy!


I like that in that scenariohe puts on that disguise

to lick her pussy.


Well, those aremy dad's glasses, so...

Straight up.

And lastly, these beardo Waldos.

Yes, Jamie.

Uh, just Brooklyn.


HARDWICK:Points. Yes, for sure.

-Can I address one thingreal quick? -Yeah.

The dude on the rightis definitely

giving the dude on the lefta hand job, right?

-That's absolutely... -HARDWICK:Yeah, oh, there's no...

yeah, there's no question.