Gronky Kong - Lovable NFL Star Next Door Who Hates Shirts

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Before cutting loose with Rob Gronkowski, Kurt Braunohler, Janelle James and Emily Heller go over the NFL star's bizarre list of party rules. (1:25)

Gronk is good.We love Gronk around here

because he's a sports manyou can make jokes about,

even if you don't know anythingabout sports.

'Cause you don't reallyhave to know anything

about sports to get Gronk.

He seems kind of harmless,right?

Just a lovable NFL starnext door who hates shirts!

He hates 'em! Aah!

Grrr. Maybe he hates Florida.

I don't know.Maybe that's what he hates.

-Nobody wears shirts...-Yeah, he thinks...

he thinks he's gonnaget out of Florida this way.

-I'm gonna get out of here!-Yeah. That's right.

Well, now there'sa fun new article in GQ

detailing Gronk's party rules.

Surprisingly, there's no ruleabout having no rules.

There are a lot of rules here.Rule number three:

"Take off your shirt."We covered that.

Rule six: "Dance on tables."

Rule seven:"Just because everyone wants

"to have sex with youdoesn't mean

you should have sexwith everyone."

-(laughter) -HELLER: I wishI'd known that in college.

-(laughter) -HARDWICK:There was no Gronk then.

-Now he's here to tell you.-Yeah.

Comedians, what aresome other rules to observe

when partying with Gronk?

-Janelle. -Uh, formal wear isa three-popped collar minimum.

-Yeah, all right. All right.-(laughter)

Points. Emily.

Uh, no hanky-panky-- youhave to call it Gronky-ponky.


-(applause)-Mom! Mom!

Come on, Mom!

Mom, just drop me offa block from the mall!

Points. Kurt.

Uh, when feeding Gronk,make sure to hold the food

in the palm of your handand keep your fingers out flat

or else he mightnibble your fingers

-by accident. -Doesn't want tobite the fingers, yeah, yeah.