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Jermaine Fowler, Adam Conover and Alice Wetterlund guess the first thing that celebrities would do if they were elected president. (2:13)

As we go to our next

game, Prez Dispensers.

Prez Dispensers.

Xenophobic sweet potato and

wispy human queef, Donald Trump,


(cheering and applause)

not the...

>> He's queefing now.

>> HARDWICK: He's queefing right


>> Yeah. Yeah, out of his mouth.

He's queefing out of his mouth.

(all growling and sputtering)

>> HARDWICK: "It's not my fault.

I told you this would happen if

we did doggy."


'Cause you know how dogs queef

all the time.

He's not the only celebrity

who's had a hard time forming

complete sentences to run for


Ronald Reagan was former

president of this country, in

case you don't remember.

Uh, he was a movie star before

he became president.

And both Arnold Schwarzenegger

and Jesse Ventura got elected on

the "if it bleeds, we can kill

it" platform.

Now, if this trend continues,

the embarrassing celebrities of

today will be embarrassing

politicians of tomorrow.

So, comedians, I'm gonna show

you a celebrity.

For 250 points, I want you to

tell me what their first action

as president will be.

First up, Kanye West.

(bell dings)


>> Uh, rename the West Wing the

Kanye West Wing...

>> Nice.

>> ...and any room Kim is in the

Oval Office.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

>> 'Cause of her ass!


>> Oh!

I got it, I got it, I got it.

>> HARDWICK: Points. Next up,

uh, Adam Conover, Ronda-Ronda


>> Uh, eat applesauce for the

next 11 months.

>> HARDWICK: Oh, shit. Oh, damn.

I didn't... He said it, Ronda


He said it!

>> And then she'll be back in


She'll be back in it!

>> HARDWICK: What, Jermaine?

>> Uh, immediately lose her

presidency to somebody no one's

ever heard of.

>> HARDWICK: Oh, shit! Oh, damn.

I got to give you points for


>> She got knocked the fuck out!

>> HARDWICK: I got to give you

points for that.

Next up, Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp.


>> Make Tim Burton Chancellor of

Goth Bullshit.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah. All right.


Finally, Beyoncé.

President Beyoncé. Jermaine.

>> Start a can drive for the

surviving members of Destiny's


>> HARDWICK: All right.

Oh, shit. Oh, damn.

I don't think anyone's gonna top

that one.