Representative Steve King, Racist Gremlin Supreme

Monday, March 13, 2017 03/13/2017 Views: 153

Steve King's racially charged comment about what Americans should look like inspires Jim Norton, Camilla Cleese and Ricky Velez to describe the congressman's own appearance. (1:58)

In case you haven't beenpaying attention,

America's still gota few racists up in this

-bad mother(bleep).-(laughter)

And Iowa Congressman Steve King,

seen here staringthrough your soul...

(laughter) trying to take the titleof "Racist Gremlin Supreme."

-(laughter) -He's going for it,guys. He's doubling down.

Over the weekend,he tweeted his support

for the ultra-nationalistDutch politician, and

inbred movie villain who getspushed out of a helicopter...

-(laughter) ...and then fallsthrough a glass atrium

at the end, Geert Wilders.

Wilders is trying to ban Muslimsfrom the Netherlands,

and King agreed, writing,

"We can't restoreour civilization

-with somebody else's babies."-(groaning, laughter)

-Yup, that should feel weird.-(laughter)

King was rightly criticized

for tweeting the worst thingin history.

That's why this morning,he went on CNN to apologize

and explainthat's not what he meant.

What did you mean?

Well, of course I meant

exactly what I said,as is always the case, Chris.


To clarify, Chris,I said what I meant,

and I'm an irredeemable asshole.


-Back to you.-(laughter)

King also said that he wantsAmerica to be so homogenous

that we"look a lot the same."

Why is it that most people whoare obsessed with racial purity

all seem the absoluteworst-looking Caucasians

-you could possibly imagine?-(laughter, applause, cheering)

Stop (bleep) our people!

Stop leaving floatersin the gene pool!

Apparently, racist turd-goblinSteve King wants an America

where everyone looks like him.

Comedians,how would you describe

the way Steve King looks?


He looks like oneof Donald Sterling's skin tags.

HARDWICK:All right, points.


Jim Norton.

Steve King looks likeevery conservative politician

who eventually gets arrested forblowing someone in a rest area.

-HARDWICK: All right, points.-(laughter)

-(applause, groaning)-Camilla.

He locks like one of theChildren of the Corn grew up.

-HARDWICK: Yeah. Points, points.-(laughter)