Senior Prom - It Means What You Think It Means

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 04/26/2016 Views: 230

Florida high school students organized a prom for nursing home residents, and Jimmy Carr isn't shy about his interest in the elderly dance attendees. (0:59)

Mark this day on your calendars,'cause something nice

actually happenedin meth country.

A Florida high school threwa senior prom for residents

at a local nursing home so thethe elderly could bust a move

and hopefully not a hip.

The theme was...the theme was Under the Sea.

and in parentheses "(Where MyFriends from the Titanic Are.)"

And... look how sweetthey are back there.

Look at this lady starringin a Far Side cartoon.

Wow, those are some GILFs.

I think those are some G-GILFs--

that is great-grandmotherthat, uh, you get in there.

I likes me a little bitof granny fanny. Oh, yeah.

That means somethingdifferent where he's from.

It means something differentover there.

Yeah, that's the front partover there.

-No, it means what you thinkit means. -Oh, nice.

They nameda prom queen and king,

seen here right... This is...Prom... There's prom king.

-Uh...-ATAMANUIK: Oh, my God.

This, uh, this was shortly...right after

he orchestratedthe red wedding. Uh...