[Blank] Had Me Like: Sportz R Important - The Entire Spectrum of Human Emotions

Monday, April 4, 2016 04/04/2016 Views: 81

Emily Fleming, Matt Braunger and Jon Daly use reaction GIFs of sports spectators to express their own emotions. (3:23)

It's time to play Blank Had MeLike: Sportz R Important.


Mark it in your record books,because April 4, 2016,

did not neglect the balls--I mean sports balls--

because we arein opening day season.

The NCAA March Madnessand baseball just kicked off,

but no matter who wins,

the real star of March Madnessis the fans.

Every year in every sport we getamazing GIFs of spectators

who are experiencing the entire spectrum of human emotions.

So we're gonna show youa GIF of sports fans' reactions,

and for 250 points,I want you to say

what had you like that,all right?

First up,this little hockey hothead.

(whispering):Yeah. Aah.

Uh, Matt Braunger.

Realizing I'd outlive everyonein the stadium had me like...

-Points.-I win.

Jon Daly.

Realizing I had the samepersonal style

as filmmaker Kevin Smith.

HARDWICK: All right.I'd read it like this.



Next up, this bear football bro.


Finding my family heirloomT-shirt

when I thought I'd drunkenlylost it had me like...

-Yeah, points. Points.-It's right here! Grandma!


Type 2 diabetes had me like...

All right, points.


Freeing the nipplehad me like...

Yeah, points. That is a...that nipple is very free.

-Oh, it's free. -That guy'snipples need to go to jail.

Uh, next up, this man havingcollege football feelings.


Oh, no. Emily.

Realizing you have a UTIon a camping trip had me like...


And I'd also...

HARDWICK:That sounded very personal.

Uh, the worst.But I also want to count out

-that it looks like he broughtboth wives. -Yeah, he did.

-He's got one, two rings.-Oh, my God, yeah,

-you're totally right.-He's like, "Aw..."

-DALY: Whoa! Whoa.-BRAUNGER: Yeah.

Karen and Sharon.

Now he's marriedto that mustache.

Next up, this freestylingfootball fan.


My wife signing the divorcepapers got me like...



I... I have a feelingshe, uh, signed 'em first.

-FLEMING: Yeah. Yup.-Uh, Matt Braunger.

Uh, hallucinating wildly thatI was dodging a cattle stampede

-had me like...-Yeah, points.

And finallythese ultra Cali bros.

Huh? Whoa!



White privilege got me like...

-Yes, points.-Yeah.

Matt Braunger.

The moment I realizedI wasn't outside on a beach

-watching beach basketball,dude. -Points.

-Jon.-My audition for CSI: Miami

had me like...

Yeah, perfect. Perfect.

Points for that.