The Weather Channel's Breitbart Smackdown

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 12/07/2016 Views: 2,012

The Weather Channel slams Breitbart over a misleading climate change article, so Jon Gabrus, Mamrie Hart and Joe Randazzo ponder whom they'll call out next. (1:17)

Far right Web site Breitbart,the news source

for your sunburned unclewho says "Ay-rabs," habitually

posts inflammatoryand dishonest stories.

Well, they finally pissed offthe wrong person

with their article"Global Temperatures Plunge,

Icy Silencefrom Climate Alarmists."

Which used a misleading video

of Weather Channel scientistKait Parker

to support its false claimthat climate change is a hoax.

Well, this week,

Parker respondedin a Weather Channel rant

straight out of WWE Monday Night Raw. Take it away.

Science doesn't careabout your opinion.

Cherry-pickingand twisting the facts

will not change the future,nor the fact--

note fact, not opinion--that the earth is warming.

Next time you're thinkingabout publishing

a cherry-picked article, tryconsulting a scientist first.

-Oh, cold snap!-Slam! Slam! -Ooh!

Somebody's craving cherries.

-HARDWICK (laughing):Somebody... -(laughter)

Comedians,what's another smackdown

we might see fromThe Weather Channel? Mamrie.

Hey, disco, quit saying"It's raining men"

when some of us arein a drought.

-HARDWICK: All right, points.-(laughter, groaning)


-You're in a drought, Mamrie?-Yeah.

Well, I predict two to threeinches in your future.

-Ooh.-(laughter and groaning)

(applause and cheering)