First Draft Movie Quotes - Life Is Like a Box of S**t

Monday, March 21, 2016 03/21/2016 Views: 76

Jonathan Coulton, Aimee Mann and Dave Hill revisit the first drafts of famous quotes from cinema. (1:43)

It's time to playFirst Draft Movie Quotes.

First Draft Movie Quotes.

Movies are greatnot only 'cause they feature

often Tom Hardy doing a weirdaccent with his shirt off--

meow-- uh, but also because theygive us very memorable quotes,

from "Life is like a boxof chocolates,"

pretty much anythingfrom Lebowski.

But all good writing takes work,and I'm sure some

of those timeless words suckedbefore they were great.

So I'd like you to give meas many first draft movie quotes

as you possibly can.Examples might be like, uh,

"Life is like a box of (bleep)"

or "Come with me if you wantto continue breathing

and taking oxygen and convertingit into carbon dioxide."

Uh... It was very bad.

The first draft of thatwas very bad.

And begin. Jonathan.

I'll have what Meg Ryan'shaving, an orgasm.

Nice. Points. Dave Hill.

My name is James Bond.What's your name?


Jonathan Coulton.

I'm not literally Spartacus, butI support what he stands for.

All right, points. Dave Hill.

I really hope these fenceshold up.

After all, it is Jurassic Park.

Yeah, points. Aimee Mann.

This boat is too smallfor this big shark.

Yes, points. Points. Dave Hill.

"Murder" backwards."Murder" backwards.

"Murder" backwards.

Uh, Aimee.

It's against regulationsto have snakes on this plane.

Yes, points.

Uh, Jonathan Coulton.

I see dead people.For instance, you, you're dead.