Kick Back with a Mazel Tov Cocktail

Monday, November 7, 2016 11/07/2016 Views: 159

A Donald Trump supporter's confusion about a Jay Z video inspires Johnathan Fernandez, Alice Wetterlund and Jordan Rock to make spirited toasts with "mazel tov cocktails." (1:52)

Evangelical Stepford wifeand Trump surrogate,

whose name sounds like aNASCAR-driving serial killer,

Scottie Nell Hughes--there she is--

went on CNN last nightto complain about Jay Z,

saying that Mr. Z lacksthe moral authority

to stump for Hillarybecause of something featured

in his, quote,"one of his main videos."

Take a look.

You look at Jay Z-- and wetalked about this that night--

that, he might be working on it,but one of his main videos

starts off with a crowdthrowing mazel tov cocktails

at the police, in thisvery much anti-police message...

HARDWICK: Yeah, not...not Molotov cocktails...

the famous explodingbeer bottle weapon.

This crowd, for some reason,in one of Jay Z's "main videos,"

-(laughter) -was throwingmazel tov cocktails.

-(laughter, applause, whooping)-Mazel tov...


By the way, mazel tov cocktail?What is that?

I guess that would be this.Is this a mazel tov cocktail?

-I don't know.-(laughter)

Is that a mazel tov cocktail?

You all rememberhow at Jay Z's wedding

a bunch of fellasfrom Jay Z's synagogue

picked him up andcarried him around in a chair

while they chucked mazel tovcocktails at a cop car!

To life, bitches!

-Now...-(whooping, applause)

I don't drink anymore,I don't drink anymore,

but kicking backwith a mazel tov cocktail

after a long daysounds real nice.

So, comedians, I would like youto give me a toast

that you might givewith a mazel tov cocktail.

-Alice. -Here'sto burning down the society,

(Jewish accent): but not untilyou've had something to eat.

-(laughter, applause)-All right, points. Points.

Yes. Jordan.

Here's to this flaming drink

being saferthan a Samsung phone.

-All right, points. Yes.-(cheering, applause)

-Johnathan.-May this weapon bring you

as much pain and sufferingas my mother-in-law does

-when she visits.-Ah, yes. Points. Very good.