#HashtagWars - #ScienceFoods

Monday, March 14, 2016 03/14/2016 Views: 55

Whitney Cummings, Josh McDermitt and Nick Youssef fuse science with food in a delicious mashup. (1:34)

It's now timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.

(cheering, applause)

If you're just joining us,it's Pi Day.

You may remember I recited piat the beginning of the show,

and any ladies who were sittingon the couch near you slid off

-from all the...-(laughter)

Right off the couch!

My love for this dayis a mathematical constant.

Let's cut off another slicefor tonight's #HashtagWars.

#ScienceFoods, #ScienceFoods.

Uh, examples might be:Coperni-custard,

or: Bunsen burger.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Whitney Cummings. -Um, Uranus,'cause some people eat (bleep).


Nick Youssef.

Theory of Everything bagel.

-Points.-CUMMINGS: Oh, good.

-Josh McDermitt.-Nom, Nom, Nom Chomsky.

Points! Oh, so good!

-Josh. -Stephen Hawking'smeals on wheels.


(applause, cheering)


Nick Youssef.

Dark chocolate matter.

-Points.-CUMMINGS: Yeah!

Whitney Cummings.

Planet of the grapes.

-(laughter)-I'm only giving you points

because you bailed on itimmediately.

-Josh.-E equals M&M squared.


-Nick.-String cheese theory.

Yeah, points.I'll give you that.


Neil deGrasse-fed beef.

-Yes. Points.-(laughter)


Bill Nye the science fries.

-Yes. Points.-(cheering, applause)